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Mai and Micael moved to Spain in 1988... and a closer look ... and the view from the window

Maj Michael A. W. GRIFFIN  (Retd)

Major Michael A. W. Griffin (Retd)

Michael Griffin died on 10th September 2005, aged 76.

Widely read, widely travelled and erudite, he was loved and admired by many and served as inspiration for his family. Out of respect, this website has been kept, in his name, as a lasting memorial to his life. Much of the content is in his own words - but Michael affected so many people and their lives throughout his own, that we hope to add fresh content to it, as more and more stories about his life are shared with us.

His first posting, in 1949, was to Singapore, during the Malayan Emergency. Successive postings took him to Hong Kong, Germany and again to Singapore from 1962 to 1965 during Confrontation.

After the Army, Michael became a senior executive in the NHS and subsequently took his expertise to both Brunei and Qatar to commission prestigious modern hospitals for both governments. He retired to Spain in 1989 and joined the Jávea Computer Club which, under his Presidency, grew to over 500 members. He was also Chairman of the local Conservative Association for several years.

His funeral took place, in Spain, on the 21st September 2005. Rather than flowers, the Family preferred that donations be made to the British Heart Foundation in Michael's name. Thanks to the generosity of his friends - donations were (and can still be) made direct to the Foundation.

His humour, incisiveness, kindness and wit, will be sorely missed by his family and many friends.

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